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Get to Know Victoria

I ALWAYS knew I wanted to do something to inspire and motivate other people to reach for their goals! After battling with my weight for my entire life & overcoming that battle, I was inspired to build a brand that could uplift, motivate and PUSH others to go after their dreams as well...

That is when Glow & Grow Fitness was birthed!

My Training Philosophy:

"Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day...Teach a man how to fish & he will eat for LIFE!"

My Story

Growing up overweight, I used to hear ALL the time that I will never be "skinny” & for many years, I accepted it as my reality. I had no idea why the weight continued to pile on until I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) & insulin resistance in 2008. By 2016, I reached my highest weight of 275lbs, after giving birth to my second son.


This all changed in 2017. I started the year off with a goal to lose, at minimum, the baby weight. But I kept falling off due to stress and lack of time from being a mom of 2 under 2, planning a wedding, and working full-time in Corporate America. Every week was a “new week to start over” for the first half of the year.


However, seeing the weight of my eldest son become a concern for his pediatrician was the trigger I needed to break the cycle of obesity in my family. Through research + trial & error, I eventually found a regimen that worked for my body & my lifestyle!​ In over a year’s time, I lost 130lbs strictly through changes in my diet and with exercise.


My weight loss journey presented a new passion for something I never thought I would become passionate about and that is fitness. With my passion & experience, I strive to empower my clients on all levels .... mentally, spiritually & physically!


In The Headlines

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Since beginning my journey & making an impact as a fitness influencer on Instagram, my transformation story has created a buzz across many well-known media outlets. I LOVE sharing my story to educate, empower, and inspire others to start their health and wellness journey!

From exclusive interviews to panel discussions, there is no shortage of press coverage on my story to explore. Take a look below to see the latest headlines.

Contact below for speaking engagements, appearances, and brand collaborations.

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