Is the Climate in Atlanta Right for You?

If you’re looking to move to a new area, the climate might be one of the biggest things on your mind. Especially if you’re moving from the North, you might be looking for somewhere with a little more sunshine. After spending a better part of my life here, Atlanta, Georgia might be on your list for cities with lots of diversity, great schools, and, of course, warm weather. Before you start looking at Atlanta real estate, let’s look at what life in Atlanta is really like all year long.


The springtime in Atlanta can be quite beautiful, but this is also the rainiest time of the year. Temperatures are usually in the 60s in March and in the 80s in May. The nights can be cold, especially in early spring, and the wind can be particularly rough around this time. While the chilly nights may be a turn-off, it’s still quite a bit warmer here than the typical Eastern spring, especially if you’re coming from up North. If you’re just going to be visiting Atlanta for the spring, make sure to pack an umbrella!


The summers in Atlanta can prove to be pretty hot, especially because of the humidity. If you’re looking for a place with a dry climate, Atlanta might not be the choice for you and you may want to consider moving to a more northern part of Georgia (or maybe to the deserts of Nevada, if you’re looking for some really dry summers). However, if you don’t mind braving the heat, you’ll be happy to know that the nights aren’t nearly as bad when the sun goes down. Summer temperatures usually stay in the high 80s, but this can feel hotter due to the humidity. While the record high is 106, you’re unlikely to exceed the 90s during an average summer.


If you aren’t ready to let go of summer weather too quickly, Atlanta is the perfect place to live. Here, the warm temperatures bleed into September and October, with only a light jacket needed when the sun goes down. If you love to explore the pumpkin patch each October wearing your flannel shirt and puffer vest, you might consider heading North instead, but if you want to watch the leaves changing colors on a beautiful, warm outdoor hike, Fall in Atlanta is perfect. This time of year is much drier than spring and summer, so the temperatures won’t feel as extreme.


If driving to work on an icy road is the bane of your existence, Atlanta will be your perfect home. On average, they only receive one inch per year. Many winters do not see snow at all, so you’ll be less likely to spend your holiday shoveling and more likely to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa with the family. The days are usually in the 50s, with nights reaching the high 30s. This might be bad news if you love to ski, but for those who are dedicated to the sport, there are places a few hours away where you can still get your fix. If you’re looking to move to the South for a more temperate winter, but still want to experience a change in season, Atlanta may just be the place for you.

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