Weight Loss Plan for Success in 2020

Happy New Year Fam! This is the time of year when people are the most focused on reaching their weight loss and fitness goals. However, many people tend to fall off half-way through the year for a multitude of reasons. The formula for losing weight seems to be simple: eat LESS and move MORE. But, let’s be real...it's not really all that simple. If it was, I would have lost this weight a LONG time ago ya'll lol.

The Formula for Losing Weight Seems to Be Simple: Eat Less and Move More. However, it's Not Really That Simple.

Long-term weight loss isn't impossible, but you do have to be committed and consistent. The first step is to prepare by establishing a weight loss plan for success. This is a good place to start instead of diving right into a new lifestyle.

Here are my top 8 tips to help you lose weight and get in shape in 2020:

1. Focus on lifestyle goals - not just weight loss goals. Commitment to eating healthy foods and moving more leads to healthy weight loss naturally. Focusing on how much weight you have to lose can cause discouragement, making you more likely to give up and go back to making poor lifestyle choices. That’s why I encourage my clients to focus on how they FEEL versus what they see on the scale, because the scale is just a gauge to show if you’re moving in the right direction.

2. Out of sight, out of mind. Limit your access to unhealthy choices. Stock your refrigerator and pantry with healthy foods and snacks while limiting (or removing) high-fat, high-sodium snacks such as potato chips and cookies. You can’t make poor eating choices if the temptation is not there.

Stock Up on Fresh Fruits & Vegetables while Limiting High-Fat & High-Sodium Foods

3. Be prepared for the weekends. Many people will follow a strict diet on weekdays, only to fall back into eating more unhealthy foods on the weekends because they are rewarding themselves for "being good" all week. However, this can set you back in your weight loss efforts and cause you to regain the weight you may have lost during the week.

4. Watch your portion sizes. Your perception of what a serving size should be and a "true" serving size can differ dramatically. Over time, we started consuming more because we are served more. From SuperSize combos to buffets....portion distortion has become a real thing while portion control has become virtually non-existent. Here are some ways you can control your portions:

a) Measure your portions accurately, especially when you’re first starting off. This will identify how much you should really be eating.

b) Use smaller bowls & plates and in turn, you will eat less in one sitting.

c) When you go out to eat, request the server brings a to-go box with your food. Box half up before you start eating to avoid overeating (since many of the portions served are more than they should be).

5. Keep healthy snacks with you when you’re on the go. Grab healthy & low-sugar granola bars, carrot or celery sticks, apples and other fresh fruit to prevent the temptation of stopping for fast food or unhealthy snacks, such as a candy bar or potato chips.

Keep Healthy Snacks to Minimize Unhealthy Food Choices

6. Indulge in moderation. It is important that you don't deny yourself the foods you love from time to time. Balance is key and indulging every now and then will not hurt your efforts. This will keep you from feeling deprived, resulting in "splurges” that will set you back. As you become more confident in the process, you can add in one cheat meal (NOT cheat day) per week.

7. Find ways to move MORE. Exercise is one key to long-term weight loss success. As the saying goes, "You have to move it in order to lose it." Some ways you can incorporate more activity into your regimen include: taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work, parking furthest away from the store entrance to get more steps in, or use your lunch breaks to take a walk.

Regular Physical Activity is Key to Long-Term Weight Loss Success.

8. Fill up on FIBER, such as foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fiber in these foods fills you up, minimizing overeating or leaving less room for making unhealthy choices.

While weight loss is achieved by following a healthy diet and being active, it is also achieved by having persistence. If you "fall off the wagon" one day, pick yourself up and continue making healthy choices the next day. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today and believing that you can achieve your goals!

If You Fall Off, Pick Yourself Up & Continue Making Healthy Choices Again

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